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  • 10/21/2023 10:38 PM | Jeanna Mills (Administrator)

    Sponsor: PHELAN GAS CO

    Classification: Hot Rod

    Winner: Jason Krell

    Car: 1954 Rods F100


    Sponsor: PHELAN GAS CO

    Classification: Street Rod

    Winner: Joel McKee

    Car: 1931 Ford Model A5 Window Coupe



    Classification: Pre 50’s

    Winner:  Harold Davis

    Car:  1941 Willie’s American Model 441



    Classification: 1950’s Stock (Mild)

    Winner:  Rick Conrad

    Car:  1955 Chevy Delray



    Classification:  1950’s Modified (Wild)

    Winner:  Ryan Brown

    Car:  1955 Chevy 210


    Sponsor:  S&S MOPAR MUSCLE

    Classification:  1960’s Stock (Mild)

    Winner:  Dan Coffey

    Car:  1969 Chevy Camaro



    Classification:  1960 Modified (Wild)

    Winner:  Douglas Herman

    Car:  1964 Ford Falcon


    Sponsor:  S&S ELECTRIC

    Classification:  1970’s Stock (Mild)

    Winner:  Duane Dyson

    Car:  1972 Chevy Nova



    Classification:  1970’s Modified (Wild)

    Winner:  Glen Pratt

    Car:  1970 Plymouth Duster



    Classification:  1975 & Older Factory Stock Muscle

    Winner:  Dylan Tranter

    Car:  1965 Ford Mustang



    Classification:  1976 & Newer Factory Stock Muscle

    Winner:  Skip Ewing

    Car:  2001 Dodge ACR Viper



    Classification:  Best of 1980’s and 1990’s

    Winner:  Dane Mills

    Car:  1991 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo



    Classification:  Best of 2000’s

    Winner:  Pepper Fontana

    Car:  2006 Dodge Magnum SRT 8


    Sponsor:  CAL AUTOMOTIVE

    Classification:  Imports

    Winner:  Andrew Sackman

    Car:  1995 Subaru Impreza WRX/STI Type RA


    Sponsor:  CAL AUTOMOTIVE

    Classification:  Rat Rod

    Winner:  Ron Devoll

    Car:  1935 GMC Truck


    Sponsor:  THE UPS STORE #5113

    Classification:  Totally Custom

    Winner:  Zachary Jones

    Car:  2003 Ford Crown Victoria



    Classification:  Best Car under Construction

    Winner:  Brian & Kim Lombardi

    Car:  1967 Ford Mustang


    Sponsor:  ROUTE 66 PULSE

    Classification:  Best Truck Two-Wheel Drive

    Winner:  Eric Slavov

    Car:  1959 Chevy Truck



    Classification:  Best Truck Four-Wheel Drive

    Winner:  Albert Therrien

    Car:  2003 Ford Excursion


    Sponsor:  ROOF’N IT, INC.

    Classification:  Best Street Bike

    Winner:  Michael Parsons

    Car:  2007 Customer Chopper HX


    Sponsor:  RICK’S AUTO

    Classification:  Youth Special Interest

    Winner:  Jeff Ball

    Car:  2006 McPhantom Dragster Jr Comp



    Classification:  Burnout Street

    Winner:  John Kozlowski

    Car:  1970 Chevy Custom C10



    Classification:  Burnout Race

    Winner:  John Scialpi

    Car:  2004 Ford Mustang



    Classification:  Open Header Street

    Winner:  John Kozlowski

    Car:  1970 Chevy Custom C10


    Sponsor:  CAL AUTOMOTIVE

    Classification:  Open Header Race

    Winner:  John Scialpi

    Car:  2004 Ford Mustang



    Classification:  Best Paint Stock

    Winner:  Davide Bernal

    Car:  1955 Ford Fairlane



    Classification:  Best Paint Custom

    Winner:  Harold Davis

    Car:  1941 Willie’s American Model 441



    Classification:  Best Interior Stock

    Winner:  Charles Scolastico

    Car:  1957 Ford Thunderbird


    Sponsor:  MILLS HARDWARE

    Classification:  Best Interior Custom

    Winner:  Robert Howard

    Car:  1974 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande Stepside



    Classification:  Best Engine Compartment

    Winner:  Daniel Jamora

    Car:  1969 Chevy Chevelle



    Classification:  Mayor’s Choice

    Winner:  Glen Pratt

    Car:  1969 Dodge Charger



    Classification:  President’s Choice

    Winner:  David Umoren

    Car:  1969 Lincoln Continental



    Classification:  Best of Show

    Winner:  Rick Conrad

    Car:  1955 Chevy Delray

  • 10/21/2023 9:52 PM | Jeanna Mills (Administrator)

    Sweepstakes Award: Rancho Don Cruz

    Best use of Theme: Baldy Mesa Elementary School

    Music Division:  1st Place: Serrano High School Cheer, 2nd Place: Serrano Cadet Corps, 3rd Place: Snowline School District Marching Band

    Victory Division:  1st Place: Daniel Meredith Plumbing and Miss Phelan Court, 2nd Place: Fountain of Living Water, 3rd Place: High Desert Antique Tractors

    Equestrian Division:  1st Place: Dusty Spurs, 2nd Place: ETI Coral, 3rd Place: Flying High

  • 10/21/2023 9:02 PM | Jeanna Mills (Administrator)

    “Building Dreams, Friendships, Memories” was this year’s theme for Phelan Phamily Phun Days, presented by Phelan Gas. This event started with a parade at 9am on Phelan Road between Johnson Rd and Sheepcreek Rd.

    Following the parade more activities happened between Sheep Creek Rd and Malpaso Rd.  The Phun Zone, which is the children's area, was busy throughout the day.  Between oversized inflatables, carnival games, and face painting; there were many activities to keep the children's attention. SNOWIE California Shaved Ice was right in the middle of the children's area.

    The Beer Garden and Food Court had steady lines through the day.  My Hero Subs and Pub sponsored the Beer Garden this year.  Caramelo Cafe Catering, Cafe Joshua Tree, Tacos el Encanto, Anthony’s Bakery gave a wide variety of food options for participants.  

    All the vendor spaces were filled this year. 

    The 2023 Champagne Classic Car Show amount of registered cars exceeded previous years.  120 cars were judged in total. 

    Entertainment and contests on the Phun Days Stage began at 10:30 a.m. Pizza eating contests, from Pizza Factory, and Roping contests, from The Ranch Steakhouse, were a hit.  Live music from the Nomads began at 1 p.m.  Raffle prizes were announced throughout the day.

    The weather was beautiful and families could be seen having fun in all areas.

  • 07/20/2022 11:07 AM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)


    The Phelan Chamber of Commerce is warning chamber members and the public about a phishing scam.

    Several Chamber members have reported receiving an email asking them to download and review a document hosted on At first glance, the email appears to be from the Phelan Chamber of Commerce. However, upon further investigation of the sender, the email address is from "user(@)transferbigfiles(dot)com" and not the Phelan Chamber with a reply-to email address from an unknown individual with a Gmail account. This email was not sent by the Phelan Chamber of Commerce and is a scam.

    The Phelan Chamber of Commerce occasionally sends email blasts, invoices as attachments, and related correspondence. Emails from the Chamber will come from "" or end in

    Individuals who receive emails that appear to be from the chamber but look suspicious should contact the chamber at 760-868-3291 or


  • 06/28/2022 8:54 PM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)

    With great sadness, the Phelan Chamber of Commerce announces the passing of long-time Chamber member Charlie Johnson.  He will be remembered as a father, husband, community leader, and friend to many.  Charlie passed away on June 25, 2022, just three days after his 77th birthday.  From the moment Charlie and his wife Terry moved to Phelan over thirty years ago, Charlie took an active role in his community.  As a member of the Phelan Chamber of Commerce, he served as a board director several times and has served as board president, vice president, and treasurer.  Charlie played key roles in many Chamber and community events such as the Community Fireworks Show, Annual Rodeo, and Phelan Phamily Phun Days.  At the time of his passing, Charlie was a Director of the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District, a volunteer and director for AYSO, a Director of the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Improvement Association, a member of the Snowline Community Cabinet, and an active member of his Church.  He will be missed.

  • 10/25/2021 8:51 PM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)

    The Phelan Chamber of Commerce will be holding its annual general meeting (aka luncheon) on November 2, 2021, at the Phelan Pizza Factory, starting at noon.  At this time, the election of the 2022 Board of Directors will take place.  We are asking that all members attend this meeting to cast their votes. There will also be an option to vote online if you cannot participate in the meeting to vote in person.  An email will be sent to each Chamber Member with online voting instructions and a timeline. If you vote online, you will not be able to vote in person.  Any member wishing to write in another member for a position will be able to do so both in-person and online. Nominations will also be taken from the floor prior to the vote taking place.  

    To comply with the newly adopted Phelan Chamber Bylaw changes passed by chamber membership earlier this year, board directors have been reduced from five directors to three directors. Additionally, all board positions are now two-year terms, with half of the board being elected in even years and the other half being elected in odd years.

    Therefore, the following changes have been made for the 2022 year:

    1. Treasurer: Currently, Jeanna Mills is holding two positions, Past President and Treasurer. She will be resigning as treasurer, and the board will be appointing Faith Maldonado as the treasurer for the 2022 year. The treasurer position will come up for reelection for a two-year term in 2023, which aligns this position with the current Bylaws.
    2. Number of Directors: Currently, the board consists of 11 positions—five directors, president, past president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and honorary mayor. Starting in 2022, the number of directors positions will be three, with the total number of board directors reducing to nine.
    3. Board of directors terms: Each board member position will serve a two-year term. The exception is the honorary mayor, who will be a one-year term and the past president, which is automatically filled by the most recent past Phelan Chamber president.
    4. Yearly board elections: Half of the board will be elected in odd years, and the other half will be elected in even years, and the honorary mayor will be elected every year. The past president is an appointed position filled by the most recent past Phelan Chamber president. To align with the current bylaws, the board president, secretary, and two directors positions will be elected in even years, 2022 is an even year. In odd years the board vice president, treasurer, and one director will be elected. In both odd and even years, an honorary mayor will be elected for a one-year term. Additionally, to align the three directors' positions with the new bylaws, one current 2021 directors position will be a one-year term instead of two. Meaning that position will be up for election for the 2022 year. Previously, all directors' positions were two-year terms that came up for election simultaneously. The incumbents holding the remaining directors' positions have been informed and are aware of the term changes occurring for the 2022 elections.

    The current 2021 Phelan Chamber Board of Directors is as follows:

    • President: Rebecca Kujawa
    • Past President: Jeanna Mills
    • Vice President: Don Fish Jr.
    • Secretary: Nikki Ewing
    • Treasurer: Jeanna Mills
    • Honorary Mayor: Currently unfilled
    • Director: Robert Chacon
    • Director: Michelle Hannon
    • Director: Kathy Hoffman
    • Director: Davy Feller
    • Director: Isabel Natividad

    The 2022 slate of candidates running for election to the Phelan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is as follows:

    • President: Rebecca Kujawa, incumbent, unopposed
    • Secretary: Nikki Ewing, incumbent, unopposed
    • Honorary Mayor: Todd Anton, unopposed
    • Two Directors Positions: Davy Feller, incumbent, unopposed & Robert Chacon, incumbent, unopposed

  • 05/21/2021 8:31 PM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)

    Important bylaw changes will be discussed and voted on at the June Luncheon Meeting of the Phelan Chamber of Commerce.   Chamber members are asked to attend this meeting to take part in this most important vote.  

    The bylaw changes can be reviewed in the document link below.  Changes are written in red.  Any questions can be directed to the Phelan Chamber of Commerce.

    Proposed Bylaw Changes

  • 01/16/2021 3:40 PM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)

    At our January Chamber Member Zoom Luncheon, representatives John Kozyra, Keven Mahany and Wesly Shain from Providence St. Mary gave a presentation discussing the state of healthcare in the Tri-Community.  A video of their presentation can be viewed below and is available on our Facebook page HERE.

  • 01/16/2021 3:30 PM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)

    Rebecca A Kujawa

    January, 2021

    Dear Members:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as President of the Phelan Chamber of Commerce for the year 2021.  I would like to start by introducing myself.  I am a 17 year resident of Pinon Hills, Ca.  I have worked for the Snowline Joint Unified School District for almost 13 years as a Special Education Associate.  I have served on the Chamber in different roles; including Director and Treasurer, helping with events such as Concerts in the Park, Phelan Phun Days and Easter.  Most recently I was elected as a Director on the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Service District.

    This past year has been a challenge for our residents and businesses.  I hope in the coming year that we can support our local businesses and find ways to celebrate our great community, even if it does look a little different.

    Sincerely yours,

    Rebecca A Kujawa, President
    Phelan Chamber of Commerce

  • 11/06/2020 6:56 PM | Don Fish Jr. (Administrator)

    Hello, Phelan Chamber of Commerce Members,

    Polls are closed with 100% of the districts reporting 100% of votes counted for the 2021 Phelan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

    Here is your 2021 Board of Directors:

    • PRESIDENT: Rebecca Kujawa
    • PAST PRESIDENT: Jeanna Mills (non-elected position)
    • VICE PRESIDENT: Don Fish Jr.
    • SECRETARY: Nikki Ewing
    • TREASURER: Jeanna Mills
    • HONORARY MAYOR: Tony Spampinato
    • CHAMBER DIRECTOR #1: Isabel Natividad
    • CHAMBER DIRECTOR #2: Davy Feller
    • CHAMBER DIRECTOR #3: Kathy Hoffman (Current Director)
    • CHAMBER DIRECTOR #4: Michelle Hannon (Current Director)
    • CHAMBER DIRECTOR#5: Robert Chacon (Current Director)

    Congratulations to the 2021 Phelan Chamber Board of Directors, and thank you to the 2020 Directors. Leaving the board this year are Charlie Johnson and Kyle Zimbro.

    The Chamber Installation won't be until the new year; keep an eye out for an email with details. And don't forget to spread the word about our Home For The Holidays Booklet & Coloring Contest and the Angel Tree Gift Drive. Angel applications are due now, and Angel Trees will be up starting December 2nd through December 23rd.

    We are looking forward to working together to make Phelan a better place to do business!

    Thank you,

    The Phelan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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